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Sunday, 19 October 2014  |  Steph - Which Craft

Project Crochet

I mentioned last month my attempts at learning to crochet, and wanting to try a blanket.

Well I have mastered the granny hexagon since then, I know it's really simple stitches, and that the granny is a fairly easy pattern to master, but somehow making hexagons instead of squares seemed to make it look more complex.

I have a slightly obsessive brain when it comes to geometry and symmetry, and hexagons have always drawn me to them. I was browsing through Pinterest one day and found a beautiful crocheted hexagon blanket (see link at bottom of blog) and that was it! Eyes were drawn, brain started an overload of messages "want to have", "must have" "need to have" - so here I am now starting yet another project that might never get finished, but one that will be great fun anyway, and very pleasing on my mathematical brain in so many ways more than the shape obsession. Firstly there was deciding what colour theme or not, then how many colours, then whether random order or constructed, then how big, what type of wool, what size hook!

In the end I decided on  these 5 colours:

5 colours for hexagon blanket

 ....and that each hexagon would be a unique order of those 5 colours - I calculated that this combination would make 120 unique hexagons, and that would make approximately a metre square blanket. But that simply won't be big enough,  so I will have to do 2 complete sets of the combinations, or add a 6th colour.

I can also imagine that with 2 complete sets, how I can use it with Ruby to play the memory game - it'll take her a while to find the only other identical hexagon in the blanket, and the type of thing that childhood memories are made of. So decision made, 2 complete sets of every unique combination of 5 colours.




The colours I've chose will blend beautifully in our bedroom, which has pretty floral wallpaper in the same shades as the wool I have chosen. Andrew seems to like the colours and has even offered advice about how large he'd like the blanket. Perhaps I'll teach him to crochet and he can help out too? Probably not. Does anyone else's husbands crochet?

I've chosen a really soft Patons Double Knit (Fairytale Soft DK), and gone down one hook size to a 3mm as I want the blanket to have some density to it. I know that'll mean it will take longer, but worth it I think.

Here's how it's going so far:

Crochet Hexagons MiddlesHexagon Granny Crochet GrowingCrochet Hexagons Finished


On a slightly different note - Ruby's been here this weekend, and is determined that I teach her to knit (she is only 4). I gave her my crochet hook and some wool, and she sat for ages winding the wool around the hook, thinking that she was achieving something great - I shall have to buy her some knitting needles and actually try her with it, especially whilst she is so keen - if any of you have any tips about teaching children that young to knit or crochet, then please drop me a note.

Thanks all for following, and please keep in touch.

Steph & Andrew


The gorgeous blanket I saw on Pinterest -  http://www.pinterest.com/pin/527765650056857511/

My own Pinterest boards are here - why not make a cuppa and come take a look.



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